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Our new hexagonal arch can add a unique look to any wedding. Geometric wedding arches are a hot look for 2021 whether you cover it with masses of greenery and flowers or just add a few strategically-placed clusters. In any non-church/temple wedding, it’s important to define the ceremony space and give it the wow factor that your vow exchange deserves. You want all eyes focused on you! This can be achieved in a number of ways; large urns of flowers can be placed on each side of the ceremony space, overhead hanging installations can be used, or you can bring in a structure. And remember, the backdrop of the ceremony space will be in many, many of your photographs.

Our arch can be adapted to any wedding style from a  country club right on the golf course to framing a gorgeous view at a home wedding. It’s important for the arbor, arch, or pergola that you use to be sturdy enough to hold the decorations you plan to place on it and it needs to be secure so it stays standing through any kind of weather. Sandbags are helpful for this.  A quick, DIY sandbag can be made by fill dollar store zip-top cosmetic bags or school supply pouches with kitty litter. Be sure to assess the ground where the arch will be placed so that you are prepared to secure and keep it level. Plan for a way to disguise the sandbags such as sheet moss or decorative fabric.

Unload all these worries on me at Garden by the Gate by renting our hexagonal arch. We’ll deliver and set it up for you; making sure it’s steady and safe. Floral décor is an extra charge or you can decorate it yourself with some faux greenery garlands. You don’t have to be a Garden by the Gate floral customer to rent the arch. Our arch is made from 2X2 lumber stained a neutral brown. It has extra-sturdy, wide-set double base legs for your safety.

Contact me to learn all that we can do to make your wedding day everything you’ve been dreaming of.

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